Allan Scott Marlborough Blanc de Blancs Sparkling Wine

Vinted entirely from Chardonnay grapes, this bottle fermented Blanc de Blancs combines a perfect balance of fruity ripeness and acidity which makes for a flavoursome, elegant wine with a long smooth finish. It has been aged on yeast lees for 2 years developing strong autolysis characters, with an abundance of fresh fruit and a hint of lemon.


Allan Scott Wines has nominated one particular vineyard to nurture the grapes for this famous style of wine that was started some 500 years ago by the French. Although the vineyard techniques are very similar to our other varieties at Allan Scott Wines, the timing of picking must be very precise. Unlike other varieties we grow, which are picked almost at their height of ripeness, the ‘bubbly’ grapes are picked earlier and therefore less ripe to ensure a high natural acidity and focus giving this champagne-style wine its finesse and unique flavour.


Vinted entirely from Chardonnay grapes, the Blanc de Blancs’ base wine is made in a similar fashion to still wines. Using only free run juice it is fermented to dryness, then filtered and prepared for secondary fermentation in the bottle. Just prior to bottling an aliquot of sugar and yeast is added to initiate the bottle fermentation. Over the following weeks the yeast converts the sugar into carbon dioxide. Being unable to escape, the carbon dioxide dissolves into the wine creating the bubbles. After ageing up to two years on its lees, under cool dark conditions, the wine is disgorged and is ready to drink.


A white gold colour, this elegant wine has a fine mousse with distinctive lemon flavours and a light touch of tropical fruit, developing delightful honeycomb autolysis characteristics. Seductive on the palate, the seamless integration between the fruit concentration and the acidity makes for a mouthwatering finish with good length.

Serving Suggestions

Blanc de Blancs Méthode Traditionelle can be enjoyed on almost every occasion, whether for a celebration, as an aperitif to a meal or simply to enjoy with friends. Best served chilled.

Technical Information

Alcohol : 12.5%
Residual Sugar : >5%