Allan Scott Cecilia Sparkling Wine


A blend of fruit from three different vineyards, each vineyard is prepared meticulously to ensure flavoursome crops that will express themselves individually in a blended wine.


The chardonnay grapes are picked, lightly pressed and fermented absolute dryness. Then, after primary fermentation, aged in oak barrels and encouraged to go through a wild malolactic fermentation. The pinot noir grapes must be handled very carefully as too much maceration can result in a salmon pink or rose coloured wine. After a very quick transition from vineyard to winery, the grapes are very lightly pressed and aged in oak barrels following the same process as the chardonnay grapes. After 10 months the wines are carefully blended, bottled with sugar and yeast to initiate a secondary fermentation in the bottle. After aging for at least 18 months in cool dark conditions the wine is then disgorged removing the yeast sediment from the bottle after which the wine is corked and dressed for sale.


A sophisticated Methode Traditionelle style wine made from predominantly Chardonnay blended with Pinot Noir. Silkily sparkling, it is pale straw in colour, with a fine and persistent mousse. Wild white strawberries and stonefruit flavours abound with a hint of yeasty autolysis. Its huge acid backbone is hidden by the fruit concentration. A voluptuously long lasting and creamy finish. One you can drink all night.

Serving Suggestions

Cecilia Reserve can be enjoyed on almost every occasion, whether for a celebration, as an aperitif to a meal or simply to enjoy with friends. Best served chilled.

Technical Information

Alcohol : 12.5%
Residual Sugar : 5.0g/l